Intro: Dodo Gym

"Wake up!" Master Dodo called.
"We do not have enough time kid"

It was a snowy Sunday. You were too tired to get up from bed as last night was dedicated to mixing potions for your Alchemy class. You wondered whether you will ever be able to unlock the mystery of those weird smelling potions that dirtied your hands.

"I want you to get these three cards and run away as far as possible"

What was this all about? As an orphan you were not familiar with any other place than the Dodo Gym. Where would you go? Why would you go? Perhaps you were still asleep and this was all a dream

"Hurry kid! We have no time left."

Unable to even ask a single question, you remember finding yourself in a distant land facing a medieval castle awaiting your journey

DerenGo is a world full of mysteries that revolves around 4 elements: Fire, Nature, Water, and Death. There is a delicate balance holding all these forces together. Each child has to learn the way of DerenGo. This quest involves mastering the art of Alchemy, Enchanting, Bartering and Duelry. Will you be able to survive and unlock the mysteries unfolding in front of your eyes?

Chapter 1: Rathulus on the Run

Away from your home and alone, you have spent many days to figure out how this mystical world works. Through observations you gained a lot of wisdom. Finally, you start feeling comfortable ignorant of upcoming danger!

As you walk through the forest, as your habit for mornings, you notice a peculiarity. You come to a tree with no leaves and it is weird because winter has not arrived yet as you recall. Suddenly, you hear the scream of Phoenix burning all the things coming across its path.

You recall Master Dodo's story about this once his student, Rathulus. You remember him saying that Rathulus once captured a Phoenix hatchling and then became too intimate with it. This unusual bond turned Rathulus to the dark side.
You start to tremble with a thunderous yell...

"I am Rathulus, the master of fire. Bow before me or prepare to die!"

Chapter 2: Polishing Perfect

After a fierce battle with Rathulus you feel the need to rest a little. You realize that your cards got in really bad shape after the fight. They look really damaged and weared down.

You get inspired and start to rub the cards with your hands as fast as possible using argan oil you had spare. During the process you observe that cards get glowly. You keep repeating until there is no force left in your arms.

Then you go to try the polished cards on some wild animals and see that they became more effective. This was a random discovery you have made and you feel obligated to tell these findings to Master Dodo when you get back to the gym hopefully some day.